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Changed in version 3.0.0: Perfect Moment Woman Printed Cottonjersey Tshirt White Size S Perfect Moment With Paypal Cheap Price XKXcBm
removed the option. Use the Oversized Check Shirt With Taping White DAntidote Buy Cheap Wide Range Of DFy4g
option to specify CSV format for the output.

In the following example, mongoexport exports data from the collection contacts collection in the users database in CSV format to the file /opt/backups/contacts.csv .

The mongod instance that mongoexport connects to is running on the localhost port number 27017 .

When you export in CSV format, you must specify the fields in the documents to export. The operation specifies the name and address fields to export.


The output would then resemble:


For CSV exports only, you can also specify the fields in a file containing the line-separated list of fields to export. The file must have only one field per line.

For example, you can specify the name and address fields in a file fields.txt :


Then, using the --fieldFile option, specify the fields to export with the file:


New in version 3.4.

MongoDB 3.4 added the Mens Longline Tee with Rounded Hem TShirt Tom Tailor Denim Latest Online ow3z3B
option for excluding the field names in a CSV export. The following example exports the name and address fields in the contacts collection in the users database and uses Discount Cheap Online Factory Outlet Online Buttondown Collar Cotton Oxford Shirt Gitman Vintage F2TVPANnz
to suppress the output of the field names as the first line:


The CSV output would then resemble:


This example creates an export of the contacts collection from the MongoDB instance running on the localhost port number 27017 . This writes the export to the contacts.json file in J Brand Woman Cottonchambray Top Dark Denim Size L J Brand Latest WYnoV


The following example exports the contacts collection from the marketing database, which requires authentication.

This data resides on the MongoDB instance located on the host running on port 37017 , which requires the username user and the password pass .

But so effectively has the Left implanted the notion of “higher loyalties” and of an abstract “rule of law,” that it was simply accepted instead of laughed out of, well, court. No longer. In the travel ban opinion, Justice Clarence White V Bar Cut Out Sleeveless Bodycon Dress Pretty Little Thing For Sale Discount Sale Ebay Sale Online Cheap Wiki 2018 Cheap Sale UKIeRdce
of the absurdity of such injunctions and gave the Progs fair warning that the days of bowing before their gods are coming to an end.

Overturning Roe and the Myth of Unfettered Abortion What’s really got their knickers in a twist, however, is the suddenly looming prospect that one of the Court’s worst decisions ever, Roe v. Wade, is now a 5-4 vote away from extinction, which is why they have gone to the mattresses in order to derail the Kavanaugh nomination. So crazed have the Democrats become at this prospect that they’re even Wide Range Of For Sale DUNGAREES Dungarees Met Sale For Cheap The Best Store To Get KL3nPIVZ7
some of their red-state Senators (who might be tempted to vote for Kavanaugh to hold onto their seats) on the abortion altar, even if it costs them the Senate and results in an even more contracted minority. Why?

Overturning Roe and the Myth of Unfettered Abortion

The answer is psychological. If and when the Supreme Court overturns Roe abortion will remain legal in all 50 states until such time as some state legislatures begin crafting restrictions and even outright bans. That’s not likely to happen in places where Democrats congregate; if Alabama wants to ban abortion, what skin is it off the liberals’ noses? They don’t want to live there anyway.

But the Democrats have largely built their base—and the myth of “progressive” inevitability—on the issue of unfettered abortion, thus revealing their true selves and the future they have in mind for America. A revocation of Roe would be like the scene in The Wizard of Oz when the curtain is pulled back on the Skat singlecuff microchecked shirt The Gigi Discount Good Selling Largest Supplier zG7k5bx0
and the entire Democratic project of the past 75 years is finally seen clearly as the inimical fraud that it is and always has been.

So over the side they go, taking their pipe dream of 16 years of malevolent progressive with them. There’s no chance they’re going to stop Kavanaugh, and they know it. The noise you hear is not shouts of triumph but screams of horror from the Democrats as, too late, they realize that the mighty river of American exceptionalism is now hurling them over the cliffs, and will pound them to pieces on the rocks below.

Have a nice trip.

Content created by the Center for American Greatness, Inc. is available without charge to any eligible news publisher that can provide a significant audience. For licensing opportunities for our original content, please contact Cheap From China Future hitop sneakers Black Maison Martin Margiela Visit New Sale Online Sale Find Great gCleIUu9A

Lying between self-transcendence and self-enhancement (and directly across from conservation) in Schwartz’s circumplex are “openness” values such as self-direction and stimulation. To explain this positioning, consider that self-direction is a value that justifies the pursuit of selfish interests. However, as a general principle applied to others it indicates a belief that all individuals should pursue their own conception of the good life. It is indicative of a prosocial, universalist approach to individuals that emerges from the Enlightenment, in which all humans are thought to have intrinsic worth.

Openness likely helps individuals expand in-group boundaries or at least venture beyond them. It allows individuals to look for mutually beneficial cooperation outside of one’s immediate circle. Those who do so have been found to do better than those who confine their relations to those who are just like them ( Yamagishi and Yamagishi 1994 , 141; Messick and Kramer 2001 ; Rathbun 2012 ; Orbell and Dawes 1993 ; Orbell et al. 1984 ). We expect therefore that openness values will be predictive of cooperative internationalism. To the extent that openness values, which celebrate individuals, are directly opposed to conservation values, they should also lead to higher support for militant internationalism.

Scholars have had considerable difficulties identifying the individual-level attributes that consistently account for variation in isolationism. For instance, while liberalism is associated with higher levels of cooperative internationalism and lower levels of militant internationalism, political ideology explains little of the variance in this general desire for disengagement from the world. One might argue that we could disregard the dispositional causes of isolationism. In contemporary studies of the structure of foreign policy attitudes, it is always the weakest dimension, captured in statistical terms by a lower eigenvalue than the other two foreign policy orientations (e.g., Rathbun 2007 , 100). Research also shows that it likely has strong situational determinants, whether changes in the White House ( Urbatsch 2010 ), the economy ( Fordham 2008 ), or the world stage ( Kertzer 2013 ). However, we argue that even while isolationism might not be as much a dispositional phenomenon as other foreign policy postures, values might still help us understand why some are inclined toward removing their countries from the world.

We propose that isolationism is partially driven by a sense of threat and is a different strategy for creating security. Rather than preparing to fight so as to deter negative outcomes, isolationists might simply prefer flight to remove themselves from dangerous situations through self-sufficiency and non-involvement. Exemplified by what Mead (2002) calls the “Jeffersonian” tradition in US foreign policy, this strand of isolationism should therefore be associated with high levels of conservation and low levels of universalism. Indeed historically isolationism has been highly nationalistic, even chauvinistic in character and hostile to liberal schemes for multilateral order ( Dueck 2006 ). At the same time, that desire for self-sufficiency likely makes isolationists feel less of a bond with their fellow countrymen, which would be expressed in higher scores on self-enhancement and lower scores on benevolence.


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